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Every new wholesaler has the same exact problem when starting their business:

They don't build a buyers list correctly!

Sounds really simple, but we see it all the time... chances are you're building your buyers list wrong also, and we're going to show you how to become a very successful wholesaler by building the RIGHT buyers list.

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Check out what other investors have said...

Will and Veronica Pritchett -Home Again Properties

John and Jon from Pryme Homes have been sharing the “secrets” of their business with us since early on in our real estate investing journey. They don’t hold back anything and always look to add value to others. We share that abundance mindset and believe there are plenty of opportunities for all of those willing to go after them. These guys showed us the value of networking - which has been the largest source of deals and money in our business ever since. Most importantly they are ethical business owners. We still discuss business successes and challenges with them years after that first meeting as they are always doing deals.

Molly Hernandez

Pyme Homes is relevant! It is hard to find proper education that is current with the times. The Jo(h)n's are touching on topics that help grow me as a professional. The best part is they pay homage to the old strategies but also are open to change and are sharing their experiences with these new concepts. What is great about Pryme Homes is that they are sharing their experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly. They are also entertaining, I am laughing alongside them and learning at the same time.

Why I am qualified to teach about Wholesaling?


I am a full-time real estate investor, speaker, and Co-Founder of PRYME Homes along with my business partner John Barr, a real estate investment company in San Antonio, Texas.

I started my real estate investment journey with ZERO $$$, so I know first hand how hard it is to build a successful business from nothing. As a new investor I struggled A LOT to find the right help and resources. Because of this, everything I know has come from hard hits and a TON of trials and errors.

But... in my journey I have perfected many things that makes starting in real estate so much easier.

Because it was so difficult for me, I decided to make sure I do everything in my power to help those after me.

Now, I'm the host of An Investors Journey Podcast and Youtube Channel, where I go on multiple times per week and share strategies, lessons learned, and nuance from my personal journey.

I have had the privilege to create the life of my dreams and share that with my wife Valeria, and my boys Nicolas and Lucas.

Now is your chance to get your 2021 Wholesale Strategy set.


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