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  • We can analyze the deal
  • If in SA, we'll go look at it with you
  • We can help with Scope of Work
  • Provide comps
  • Put together a detailed marketing plan
  • Anything else you might need help with
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Areas of expertise that we can help you in:

✔ Investing in Single Family Residential (SFR)

✔ Fix and Flips of SFR

✔ Buy and Hold of SFR

✔ Marketing to SFR

✔ Getting Access to Private Money

✔ Wholesaling SFR

✔ Scaling within SFR

✔ New Construction of SFR

✔ Listings and Agent Related Topics

Don't let another year go by with you stumbling through your goals.


We Are The Jo(h)ns

John T Barr III and Jonatan Barbera have been investing in real estate since 2013. Since then, they have handled over 400 real estate transactions.

This includes but is not limited to wholesaling, rehabbing 16+/year, owning nine rentals, building 4+ houses, subject to, wraps, and short sales.

They understand what it takes to start from zero.

With the amount of time they spend analyzing the market, they have become savvy at understanding what's coming.

One of their core principles is, "Do what's right and not what's easy." This means that you will ALWAYS get the truth whether you want it or not 😉.

They started An Investors Journey to share their knowledge with aspiring investors. They hold nothing back.


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