Wholesaling Houses Made Simple

Learn the marketing strategies that are working for us in 2021!

Stop guessing and wasting money on strategies that DO NOT WORK!

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What you'll learn...

✔ How to Start With ZERO!

✔ The power of the RIGHT Buyers List.

✔ How to build the RIGHT Buyers List. (From ANYWHERE)

✔ How to Leverage your Buyers.

✔ Marketing Strategies that work in 2021. (We turned $261 in $18K in less than 30 Days)

✔ How to Negotiations Great Deals.

✔ Estimating Repair Costs. (Correctly)

✔ Flipping deals without ever buying them. (Step-by-Step)



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Wholesaling Made Simple

Everything you need to know to Get Your Next Wholesale

in Under 30 Days!


To Increase Revenue and Become a More Successful Wholesaler, You Have to Master the Basics of Wholesaling


But There's a Problem...

● Education is very expensive
● Too much information
● What you've tried isn't working
● You don't have a plan to follow
● Don't have money for marketing
● Don't know where to start

Wholesaling Made Simple Workshop has everything you need to succeed in real estate investing when starting from ZERO with ZERO $$$.


Why Attend Wholesaling Made Simple?


Everything you need to know to grow as a wholesaler

Let's Do THIS

"Knowledge. Value. Integrity. These are just some the things Jon and John with PRYME Homes bring to the table.

I’m an investor/agent and I’ve had the pleasure of learning from, and working with, the Jo(h)ns over the past several years. They possess extensive and varied experience, which culminate into an immensely valuable partnership.

Being able to pull from this reservoir saved me (or earned me, depending how you look at it) thousands of dollars when I entered the creative real estate world.

I can proudly say I have profited in every venture I’ve embarked upon, due in large part to the foundation I have laid from their mentorship. 

In today’s “guru society’, where everybody claims to be an expert and tries to sell you packaged nonsense and a gaudy lifestyle, these guys are the real deal. They are practicing what they preach. Every day.

They won’t coddle you or tell you what you want to hear if it’s the lazy way out, but they WILL shoot straight and give you the keys to be successful in modern real estate.

You can’t afford NOT to listen to the PRYME guys!"

~LJ Rutkowski

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